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Clutter in your Rain Gutter? Let our professionals take care of your dirty work & clean your gutters.  Prevent costly repairs to your roof, foundation, siding and fascia boards by cleaning your rain gutters and downspouts. Our trained professionals will safety clean your downspouts and rain gutters without leaving behind a mess.  Most companies use blowers to clean gutters, but at GHB Window Cleaning Inc., we clean your gutters by hand, therefore eliminating a mess in your flowerbeds, sidewalks, decks & patios. North Bend home owners and property owners trust GHB Window Cleaning Inc. to protect their investment, future and home.

Learn more about our new re-occurring Maintenance Programs and sit back, relax and let us worry about when it’s time for your next gutter cleaning.

Sammamish Gutter Cleaning Before & After

GHB Services Included: North Bend Window Cleaning, North Bend Gutter Cleaning, North Bend Pressure Washing and North Bend Roof Moss Control plus cleaning

North Bend Gutter Cleaning

North Bend Gutter Cleaning & Repair Services:

  • North Bend Gutter Cleaning  & Rain Downspout Cleaning
  • North Bend Rain Gutter & Downspout Repairs
  • North Bend – Each Gutter cleaning service includes disposal of debris
  • North Bend Rain Gutter & Downspout re-attachment & inspection

Gutter Cleaning & Roof Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning FAQS:

Did you know that without proper cleaning, a standard 20 foot section of rain gutter hold 260 lbs of water.

Why do I need my gutters Cleaned?

Properly maintained & cleaned gutters can save thousands of dollars in repair and prolong the life and value of your home by preventing water damage, rotten/wet roof fascia boards and standing water by your foundation, which could seep into your basement/foundation.

How often should I clean my gutters in the North Bend area?
Twice a year; Spring and fall are the best times!

North Bend Gutter Repair & Cleaning

Rain Gutter pulling away from fascia board which leads to water intrusion and rot of siding and foundation. North Bend Gutter Repair

North Bend Gutter Cleaning Before and After

North Bend Gutter Cleaning Before and After

The GHB Window Cleaning & Maintenance Difference:

Window Cleaning ReviewsNeat and Courteous Professionals. On time arrival, full uniforms and shoe covers.  Proof of insurance upon request and references.  All employees have gone through extensive background checks. Clearly the right choice you can trust for your home and property.









sat-guaranteed-streak-free BBB A+

Window Cleaner manClearly the Right Choice! Suddenly the idea of Clean Windows, Clean Gutters & Clean Roofs all year round became a whole lot clearer!  GHB Window Cleaning knows that first impressions are lasting and when your building has clean windows, people notice.

With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on our fast, professional on time service!

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