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Home Maintenance: Window Cleaning, Gutters and Roof Moss Control

Regular Home Maintenance: Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Roof Moss Control

As a home owner in the Seattle & Bellevue area, it’s important that each homes financial investment continues to grow and home values increase.  However, homes progressively deteriorate over time and will so if proper maintenance is not carried out.

Even with the best upkeep in the world,  unforeseen damages, corrosion and or failures may still occur,  but with a regular maintenance cycle one can minimize the need of major repairs or restoration in the future.  GHB Window Cleaning Home Maintenance Program 

Exterior Window Washing

Exterior Window Washing

Window Cleaning – Recommended 2-3 times per year in the early spring & summer months

Glass is a very porous material made primary of sand and the rain fall in the Northwest has high salt concentration.  Regular cleanings will prevent dirt, grime and mineral stains from becoming etched permanently into the glass.  Window cleaning will also help maintain that clean, new glass appearance all year round.

Tip:Protect your windows from hard-water stains by placing sprinkler guards to block any over spray from hitting your windows.

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Gutter Cleaning – Recommended twice a year in the Spring & Late Fall

Gutter Cleaning Before & After

Did you know that without proper cleaning, a standard 20 foot section of rain gutter hold 260 lbs of water?

Gutter Pulling Away from Fascia Board

Gutters will start to pull away from the fascia board and can cause rot and water intrusion in your home.

Properly maintained and clean gutters can save thousands of dollars in repair and prolong the life and value of your home by preventing water damage.  If gutter’s are not cleaned regularly the weight of debris plus water will pull the gutter’s off the fascia board which leads to  rotten & wet roof fascia boards, standing water & leaks into your foundation,  and water intrusion around windows and openings.

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Roof Moss Control Recommended twice a year in the summer & winter months

Roof Cleaning Before & After

Roof moss can start to grow on a brand new roof in as little as a year if the conditions are right. Moss not only looks bad, but can cause your roof shingles to lift up exposing the nails to the elements & can cause water leaks. Moss also attracts unwanted birds and other animals that use it as nesting materials by pecking at the roof material. This can cause holes in the roof which can lead to water damage inside the home.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Control Solutions

By having regular window cleaning, gutter cleaning and roof moss control done by a professional, you can avoid these common home repairs and protect your financial investment.

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