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High Rise Window Cleaning | OSHA & ANSI Approved Training

GHB Window Cleaning has a flawless safety record thanks to our Fall Protection division that focuses on continued education for our employees.   We train each employee per OSHA, ANSI & WAC laws that govern window cleaning, fall arrest training & certifications.

Prior to hiring a window cleaner we encourage all Property Managers / Owners to interview the company and ask the below questions to ensure cleaning companies are following state & federal laws.  If the cleaning company can’t answer all the below questions correctly, it may be time to interview other window companies.   This will ensure you are protecting your investment plus it will limit your liability.

  1. Q: How many feet up is considered a fall hazard? A: 4 feet (OSHA 1910.23)
  2. Q: When is Fall Protection Required? A: Any heights over 6 feet (OSHA 1926.500)
  3. Q: How close to the roof’s edge can you be without being tied off in a full body harness? A: No person can be closer than 10 feet to an edge without fall protection gear. OSHA 1926 Subpart M (fall protection)
  4. Q: Do you have a site specific safety plan? A: Per WAC 296-878-14005 a safety plan is mandatory.
  5. Q: How often should roof anchors be inspected by a qualified person? A: OSHA requires that all building owners must have the roof anchors inspected annually (OSHA 1910.66)

And remember, always get a  copy of a Certificate of Insurance and ask to be added an additional insured.  You may also request information on their training and certification programs.









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Window Cleaner manClearly the Right Choice! Suddenly the idea of Clean Windows, Clean Gutters & Clean Roofs all year round became a whole lot clearer!  GHB Window Cleaning knows that first impressions are lasting and when your building has clean windows, people notice.

With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on our fast, professional on time service!

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June Window Cleaning

June 2014 Window Cleaning in Portland OR | The Wyatt

It’s just another typical day at GHB Window Cleaning Inc.   GHB High Rise Window Cleaning technicians are in Portland OR, cleaning the prestigious ‘The Wyatt Apartments” exterior windows for Prometheus Real Estate Group.

With great team work and excellent logistics, our team of experts wow each customer with effective quality high rise window cleaning.   And being the best industry safety experts, each customer has peace of mind knowing that site safety plans have been implemented at each job site.

Learn more about our commercial  High Rise Window Cleaning Services and our Fall Protection Division focused on safety training & education.

Can you find all the high rise window cleaning technicians in this picture?  How many do you see?
The Wyatt Window Cleaning

BBB Member

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. is a member of The Better Business Bureau

In an effort to further solidify our commitment to our clients and potential clients throughout the Seattle Area,  GHB Window Cleaning Inc. is now a member of Better Business Bureau.   For over 100 years the BBB has been establishing marketplace trust for local business’s and national business’s through out the United States and Canada.   In 2012, it was in the top 300 most visited sites in the US, providing free business reviews and consumer peace of mind.

We know that in today’s market throughout Seattle there are so many choices for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning & ‘you name it.  But we want to distinguish ourselves from the other company’s you have to choose from in Seattle.   And we know that starting from a solid foundation of trust we can build a great relationship with each client.  Weather you need window cleaning for your  single story home or window cleaning on a 50 story building in Seattle, you can trust that GHB Window Cleaning Inc. will provide a quality service at an affordable price, every time.

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. Satisfaction GuarenteedAnd with our Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal, GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc. stands behind our product and services because we want to ensure you are happy with our services and we want to be the company you choose to maintain your property plus refer us to your friends and family.

Visit the Better Business Bureau and see why GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc. is the clearly the right choice for your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning & pressure washing needs throughout the Seattle area.

Better Business Bureau

Past NBA Superstar Slick Watts endorses GHB Window Cleaning Inc.

Bellevue, WA March 6th, 2014 –- On the rise window cleaning company in Seattle WA, gets momentum from former NBA superstar Slick Watts.  GHB Window Cleaning ( gets a slam dunk endorsement from Seattle’s longtime favorite hard wood player in a local cable commercial scheduled to begin airing during March madness.   With their affordable quality window cleaning services, GHB window cleaning was ‘clearly the right choice’ for Slick Watts.

The commercial is just the beginning for the local Seattle Maintenance Service Company.   In a brief statement from CEO, George Brewer, he is excited to reveal, “With the quality of service we bring to the table, we know that this endorsement is the first of many…  be on the lookout for more commercials from our satisfied customers.”  He also wanted to include that window cleaning is just one of the several services they provide.  Gutter cleaning, pressure washing and roof cleaning are but a foretaste of the multi-faceted company.  With three divisions that include Commercial Exterior Building Services & Fall Protection Safety plus Education, GHB Window Cleaning Inc., is surely winner!

A pre-release of the local TV commercial starring Slick Watts and GHB Window Cleaning Inc., can be viewed at their website.

About GHB Window Cleaning Inc.

GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc., provides affordable quality window cleaning services in Seattle, Bellevue and Washington State.   They specialize in residential window washing and commercial midrise and high-rise window cleaning and clearly shine in customer service.  Their elite Safety Division focused on Fall Protection and exclusive employee training separates them as the best.  Visit to learn more about their services.











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High-Rise Window Cleaning Going Over the Top

Video of a Normal Day’s work for our window cleaning technician cleaning Windows on a Downtown Seattle High Rise Building

Learn more about our commercial window cleaning and high-rise window cleaning services!

First in quality First in safety!






Window cleaning at the Top – High Rise!  A normal day’s work for one of our Seattle window cleaning technicians.  Taking jobs to new heights in Seattle on a Sunny Day.  Click here: For more information on our Fall Protection Division 

Window Care Maintenance | Glass, Vinyl, Mold & Weep Holes

To ensure windows operate and look great, a simple check list of “Do” and “Do Not” will protect property windows and investment dollars.  With simple care and TLC, windows will continue to clearly reveal beautiful views into the world.

To learn more about our window cleaning services, visit us at

Proper Window Glass Care:
Proper care of glass windows is important to maintain ultimate effectiveness of low-e, reflective glass or insulating windows.

Don’t use any caustic chemicals, petroleum cleaners or razor blades to clean windows.  This includes not using abrasive pads or putty knives.  Instead, Do use mild dish soap, like Dawn, and clean water and always rinse completely and wipe dry with a soft cloth.  For best cleaning results, avoid washing glass windows in direct sunlight.  If screens are present, remember to remove screens prior to window cleaning which is the perfect time to wash screens with mild soap, rinse and re-install.

Dawn Soap

Mild Soap to Clean Windows – Dawn Soap

Prevent Window Mold & Condensation:

Certain conditions can lead to window water condensation and mold.  When mold is present, it is often a warning sign that excessive moisture exists in the property that facilitates mold growth.  Condensation on inside window surfaces is a result from low temperature on the surface of the glass contacting with high moisture content in the air.   The higher the home or office interior humidity and the lower the outside air temperature, the more condensation will occur.

To help prevent condensation & window mold, check all windows for smooth operation and increase interior home or office ventilation and air exchange devices frequently.  Also, make sure to use exhaust fans when showering or cooking.  If condensation still persists, consider installing a dehumidifier or ceiling fans to improve air circulation.  And when practical, open doors and windows to allow excessive moisture inside to escape.

Shower Fan

Avoid mold and condensation, turn on ventilation fans.

Vinyl Window Finishes:

As with all painted finishes, natural wear and tear will occur over time.  Proper care of the surface is important to maintain the luster of the finish.  A skilled painting touch-up or professional may be needed for re-application to ensure vinyl protection. For painting needs, visit GHB Painting Professionals.   In the meantime, remember to use a soft brush to remove debris stuck on the vinyl surface and periodically wash finishes using warm water and a mild detergent.   Never use any form of solvent or solvent based cleaners on vinyl finishes or hard bristle brushes.

Smooth Window Operator:

Always ensure windows open and close smoothly.  If the window is not operating smoothly, spray silicone product to lubricate moving parts.  Wipe up any drips or spills.  In a salt water environment, lubrication may be necessary on a monthly basis to protect sliding window.  Do frequently inspect weather stripping & seals to prevent water intrusion and potential damage.

Wipe Sills

Make sure all debris is cleaned from window sill and frame.

Window Drainage – Weep Holes

Weep holes are the way windows drain water.  These water drainage holes must be kept clean and clean or obstructions to operate effectively. In Seattle, it is normal for water to accumulate in the sill or track area during a wind and rain storms.  The weep system is designed to allow the water to drain to the outside.  However, clogged weep holes may prevent excess water from draining.   Over time, standing water can damage your windows and lead to structural damage from hold and wood rot if water enters the wall cavity. Do vacuum and clean any unwanted dirt or dust in the window sill, track system and weep holes.  Make sure that weep holes are clean of all debris, stucco, sand or other blocks.  Use a small cloth or toothbrush to clean weep holes if clogged.  If the exterior perimeter of window frame is cracked, seal with a good grade sealant to prevent water intrusion.

Clean Weep Holes

Vacuum Weep Holes to ensure proper drainage

Glass & Window Restoration


Not all glass windows can be restored when mineral staining and corrosion occurs, but GHB Window Cleaning Inc. has products available that will almost certainly remove the entire window mineral staining problem.  However, if the glass is in Stage II corrosion, some of the panes may have to be replaced, but generally, our professional team of experts can save glass and restore windows.

Property owners have these 3 window restoration choices:

  1. Do nothing and replace all of the glass.
  2. “Clear” and “restore” all of the glass.
  3. “Clear” and possibly have to replace a few panes, specifically those panes that have progressed onto Stage II corrosion.

Both the 2nd and 3rd options are much less costly than the 1st, but GHB wants to give the decision to the owners and property managers. Remember that the glass is already beyond normal cleaning methods and that window restoration and window clearing is the solution.   To prevent mineral staining and glass corrosion in the future a proper window cleaning maintenance program is strongly recommended and the only solution to protect windows.

Q. How does corrosion occur?
A. Corrosion occurs when the pH (degree of alkalinity with 7 as neutral) becomes too high (above 9). Hydrogen from water will mix with the sodium of soda lime glass to form sodium hydroxide, a strong alkali. Mineral deposits (lime, calcium, lead and salts), even detergent not thoroughly rinsed, will react with the chemical make-up of the glass causing corrosion. Acids are used to return the pH to neutral. There are two types of corrosion Stage I (light corrosion, little or no damage to glass) and Stage II (severe corrosion, damaged glass, etched glass).

Q.  What is Stage II corrosion?
A. When the mineral deposits are no longer on the surface of the glass. The deposit has started to break down the molecular structure of the glass. This is evident when you remove the surface stain and etching or white hazing appears. This stage of window corrosion is also called glass “falling apart”.

Window Restoration – Professional Solutions:

Q. What type of products do you use to remove corrosion from glass?
A. We use a blend of acids and other specific proprietary ingredients that safely and effectively remove corrosion from glass.

Q. What is the product used for?
A. The product will remove hard water marks, exhaust from car and aircraft, run-off from unsealed masonry, airborne pollution, acid rain and just about anything that has caused corrosion of the glass.  The product is specifically used as a glass clearing agent and is not to be used as a window cleaner. The service preformed is a window restoration service and should be treated as such.

Q. Will Window Restoration and glass clearing restore all glass problems?
A. No. The product cannot repair damaged glass – it can only help restore appearance.  Alkaline runoff and Stage I corrosion haze can often be eliminated, but visible and invisible Stage II corrosion often cannot be eliminated. Remember that the glass is already damaged to the point that normal cleaning is ineffective.  Replacement is may be necessary.

Q.  When does a window need to be replaced or window restoration ineffective?
A. If the damage to the glass is severe or if the corrosion has reached Stage II, there may be little any product can do to restore clarity to the glass.  Most glass manufacturers recommend replacement when Stage II is reached.

Q. What can be done about Stage II corrosion?
A. Options are limited, remember, the damage is already done. The building owner can replace the glass or you can use a rubbing compound that is time consuming and labor intensive. Both are expensive options.

Hard Water Stains and Mineral Stain - Window Cleaning and Restoration

Hard Water Stains and Mineral Stain – Window Cleaning and Restoration

Exterior Building Services

More than a Window Cleaning Company – A Solution for all your Exterior Building Maintenance Needs

Many property managers not only need windows cleaned on consistent basis, they also need to have the exterior surface of their buildings cleaned and restored.   That is why GHB Window Cleaning Inc. offers Exterior Building Maintenance and Exterior Building Cleaning at  From masonry restoration to building sealing and waterproofing, GHB Inc. is the one stop shop for all your Exterior Building Maintenance Needs and Solutions.









Affordable Quality Window Cleaning | King County WA

First choice in Window Cleaning, at the right price and best quality in the Seattle & Bellevue Area.  GHB Window Cleaning is ‘Clearly the Right Choice’ for your window washing needs.  You can feel confident that your windows will sparkle and feel safe knowing that each employee has gone through intensive background checks.   We are license, bonded and insured.  Our team of window cleaning technicians will arrive on-time in full uniform.

Click Here to View our Window Cleaning Commercial: First Choice Window Cleaners in Seattle & Bellevue Area

From Raw Material to Glass: Why Clean Windows are Important

A snapshot of how glass is made and why window cleaning can ensure your windows value.

Clean windows are not only pleasing to the eye, it is part of normal building maintenance that over time will save thousands of dollars and ensure your buildings value.   Glass is a very porous material and not removing dirt and grime will obscure glass visibility and the dirt will permanently be etched into the glass.

Glass is made up of 5 ingredients:

Soda Ash
Lime Stone

The process begins in a batch house, where the above raw materials are put into silos.  Each material, from the silo, is proportionally mixed, weighed and conveyed to the charging area and melting furnace of the plant.

A glass melting furnace is a large brick structure similar to an old fashion brick baking oven.  In this oven, the materials are melted to form liquid glass.  Sand, which is the major ingredient in glass, has a typical melting point of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, when sand is mixed with the other ingredients its melting point declines.

The Melting Process: As the materials enter the furnace, pre-heated air is forced into chamber by large fans and is combined with jet streams of natural gas to produce torch flames which causes the materials to melt in a manner of just minutes.

Once all the materials have melted, the Fining Process begins.  This process allows all the air bubbles, which formed during the melting process, to escape into the surrounding chamber atmosphere.  Once Fining is complete, the melted glass is pushed into the Forming Chamber through a connecting canal.

The Forming Chamber is also referred to as the Bath.  As the glass is cooling & forming, the glass rise to the top of the liquid bath of tin.  The glass is then put through the stretching process which alters the glass thickness and width.  The stretching process encompasses fine tooth wheels that pull the cooling glass through the chamber.   There are also other heating elements on top of the bath that controls the glass thickness and width as it passes through the chamber.

The temperature of the glass after the Bath is around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.   Once the Bath process is complete, the glass goes through a series of cooling water baths by conveyor.  The cooling process is done at a controlled rate to ensure that the proper stresses are put into the glass so the glass can cut & snap well.  Once the cooling method is complete the glass comes out at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.   At this point the glass is moved through another cooling area and inspected.  Then the glass passes under a machine that adds a special powder.  This powder adds a separation medium between each sheet of glass; similar to adding flour to the cutting board when rolling a pie crust.

The glass is then moved to the cutting stage in which the glass is cut and snapped on a series on conveyers.   Once the glass is cut to the right dimensions, the glass goes through a final stage called MSVD: Magnetic Sputter Vacuum Deposition.  This is where proprietary high performance coatings, also known as low-e coatings, are applied to the glass.  The glass is passed by conveyers through vacuum chambers where small microscopic pieces of metals are bonded to the glass surface.   The metals added are primarily silver.

Glass in its final stage can be compared to a sponge and will soak up whatever is left on it over time.  Weather it is dirt, tree sap, or rain water, over time these materials will become etched into the glass if not cleaned regularly.   The dirt and grime can also damage the low-e coatings and negate the effectiveness of the glass.   To ensure your windows lifespan and value, proper window cleaning and washing is the simple answer.


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