High Rise Window Cleaning | OSHA & ANSI Approved Training

GHB Window Cleaning has a flawless safety record thanks to our Fall Protection division that focuses on continued education for our employees.   We train each employee per OSHA, ANSI & WAC laws that govern window cleaning, fall arrest training & certifications.

Prior to hiring a window cleaner we encourage all Property Managers / Owners to interview the company and ask the below questions to ensure cleaning companies are following state & federal laws.  If the cleaning company can’t answer all the below questions correctly, it may be time to interview other window companies.   This will ensure you are protecting your investment plus it will limit your liability.

  1. Q: How many feet up is considered a fall hazard? A: 4 feet (OSHA 1910.23)
  2. Q: When is Fall Protection Required? A: Any heights over 6 feet (OSHA 1926.500)
  3. Q: How close to the roof’s edge can you be without being tied off in a full body harness? A: No person can be closer than 10 feet to an edge without fall protection gear. OSHA 1926 Subpart M (fall protection)
  4. Q: Do you have a site specific safety plan? A: Per WAC 296-878-14005 a safety plan is mandatory.
  5. Q: How often should roof anchors be inspected by a qualified person? A: OSHA requires that all building owners must have the roof anchors inspected annually (OSHA 1910.66)

And remember, always get a  copy of a Certificate of Insurance and ask to be added an additional insured.  You may also request information on their training and certification programs.









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Window Cleaner manClearly the Right Choice! Suddenly the idea of Clean Windows, Clean Gutters & Clean Roofs all year round became a whole lot clearer!  GHB Window Cleaning knows that first impressions are lasting and when your building has clean windows, people notice.

With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on our fast, professional on time service!

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GHB Window Cleaning Inc & Slick Watts Helps Local School

Sonics legend donates money toward local elementary school’s playground

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. and Slick Watts, former NBA Seattle Super Sonic, teamed up to donate money towards new playground equipment.  On Feb. 8th 2016, George Brewer, president of GHB Window Cleaning Services INC. presented MLK Elementary School a check to help in their efforts to purchase more playground balls for ‘Square Ball,’ Soccer & Kids Outdoor Games .   Since airing, many have joined in the efforts and continue to bless the school with monies to purchase new playground equipment.

It is so great to see the local News take part in sharing the story with the community and giving the story ‘wings’ so other people can give to the local community.

Red Tagged Fall Restraint Roof Anchors

In a recent fall restraint system anchor inspections for a client in Seattle, it was discovered that the system had to be red tagged due to the anchor not withstanding proper load limits which could cause massive injury or death to an employee using this system.   The anchors on the system were not secure to the roof and loose.  OSHA 1910 governs fall protection systems and states (10) Anchorages to which personal fall arrest equipment is attached shall be capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee attached, or shall be designed, installed, and used as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of at least two, under the supervision of a qualified person.

If a fall arrest – restraint system  or roof anchors are on any building, building owners are required to have them inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

OSHA 1910.66 | WAC Chapter 296 Annual Inspections of Roof Anchors, Fall Protection System Inspection and tests – Periodic inspections and tests. OSHA 1910.66(g)(2)(i)  Related building supporting structures shall undergo periodic inspection by a competent person at intervals not exceeding 12 months.                                                                         

1910.66(g)(2)(iii) The building owner shall keep a certification record of each inspection and test required under paragraphs (g)(2)(i) and (ii) of this section. The certification record shall include the date of the inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection, and the number, or other identifier, of the building support structure and equipment which was inspected. This certification record shall be kept readily available for review by the Assistant Secretary of Labor or the Assistant Secretary’s representative and by the employer.                                                               

Building owners Responsibility – Separate from the annual inspections, building owners shall ensure equipment or anchors be re-certified   1. At periods not to exceed 10 years,  2. When equipment shows excessive wear or damage, 3. When re-roofing or renovation 4.  When equipment is modified or removed from the structure.








Window Cleaning Safety & Education

Is Your Current Window Cleaning Team Safe? Are you liable for any accidents that occur on your building?

With Spring Time just around the corner, it’s  important to re-visit safety information about window cleaning safety & fall protection.  With the recent news stories in New York & Seattle it’s beneficial for property owners & management companies to ask the right questions when it comes to safety. Below are a few simple questions to ask your current window cleaning team to ensure proper safety rules & OSHA standards are being followed.

  1. Q: How many feet up is considered a fall hazard? A: 4 feet (OSHA 1910.23)
  2. Q: When is Fall Protection Required? A: Any heights over 6 feet (OSHA 1926.500)
  3. Q: How close to the roof’s edge can you be without being tied off in a full body harness? A: No person can be closer than 10 feet to an edge without fall protection gear. OSHA 1926 Subpart M (fall protection)
  4. Q: Do you have a site specific safety plan? A: Per WAC 296-878-14005 a safety plan is mandatory.
  5. Q: How often should roof anchors be inspected by a qualified person? A: OSHA requires that all building owners must have the roof anchors inspected annually (OSHA 1910.66)

At GHB Window Cleaning Inc. we believe that education is the first step to safety!  That is why we are the only Window Cleaning Company in the Seattle area that has a division focused on fall protection safety and education plus our safety record is flawless.  Also, most building owners are not aware that they are responsible for inspections & certification for any fall protection & fall restraint system.  Our goal is to heighten awareness for owners, employees & property management companies of their obligations when it comes to fall protection.

Please visit GHB Fall Protection Inc. and GHB Window Cleaning Inc. to learn about the services & training we offer.

Window Cleaning Cleaning Windows From the Top



Cleaning Window Tracks

The typical window track never gets cleaned and 99% of the time has at least one dried dead fly or bug. Window tracks are rarely cleaned and often neglected because most people just don’t have the time to spend or don’t know an efficient way to make them look new again.   By having the right tools and systematic approach, you can be a professional window track cleaner. Window Track Before & After

 Get the right tools.

Window Track Cleaning Tools

  1. A good vacuum cleaner with the right the crevice tool or brush attachment. Most standard retail vacuum cleaners come with attachment tools but if you don’t have an attachment, no worries!  Just use the end of the vacuum hose and get as close to the base of the window track as possible.
  2. A thin cleaning brush or an old toothbrush.
  3. A clean bucket of warm water with slight squeeze dish soap or Dawn Soap – GO GREEN!
  4. And finally 2 towels or 2 old rags. One towel will be a wet towel to clean excess dirt and the other towel will be designated to dry.  Make sure these two towels stay separate.
  • Take your vacuum + attachment and suck out all the loose debris in the window track. This includes all..

    1. Dead Flies
    2. Bugs
    3. Cob-webs
    4. Dust
    5. Dirt

Window Track Vacuum

  • Dip your skinny brush or old toothbrush in the soapy water. Use the wet brush and scrub the inside of the window track to loosen the dirt & debris.  Pay special attention to the corners to ensure all dirt is properly loosened by the soapy brush.

Window Track Scrub

  • Then take your 1st towel and moisten in the soapy water. Make sure you squeeze all the excess water out.   You don’t want to have the towel soaking wet, just damp enough to collect the loosen dirt & dust.

    1. Take the moist towel and wipe down the inside of the window track where you previously used the brush to loosen the dirt.
    2. You may have to circle back and use the brush to loosen the dirt as you wipe down the window track with your wet towel.
    3. Repeat this step until you reach your desired results.

Wipe and Clean Window Track

  • Take the dry towel and wipe down any water drips or wet spots in the window track. Then move to the next window in the room.

Dry Window Track


You can also see the published article at http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Window-Tracks

Take Back FREE TIME! Window & Gutter Cleaning Services

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. has been hard at work giving back WEEKENDS to families in the Northwest.  We want to check off your ‘to do’ list…

Window Cleaning =DONE

Video Shoot Window Cleaning

Video Shoot – Take Back your Weekend. GHB Inc. checks off ‘to do list’ | Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Roof & Gutter Cleaning = CHECK

Pressure Washing = COMPLETED

In the most recent TV Commercial, GHB Window Cleaning Inc. gives local resident & loyal client Mark M. his weekend back for family time.  GHB Inc. completed house hold chores which included: Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing.  Every family is faced with the balancing act of work vs. family time  and GHB Inc. wants to empower each family to take back their weekend for family not ‘to do lists’.

Services included – window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning & moss control.  And with our Maintenacne Program, eliminate the hassle of finding time to clean your gutters or remembering when you had your windows cleaned last. Our new Reoccurring Maintenance Program lets you sit back, relax and let us worry when it’s time for your next cleaning. Suddenly the hassle of perfect windows all year round became a whole lot clearer! 












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Is your FREE TIME consumed with chores? Let us check off your 'to do' list. Window, Roof, Gutter Cleaning + Pressure Washing | Free Estimates & BBB Accredited

June Window Cleaning

June 2014 Window Cleaning in Portland OR | The Wyatt

It’s just another typical day at GHB Window Cleaning Inc.   GHB High Rise Window Cleaning technicians are in Portland OR, cleaning the prestigious ‘The Wyatt Apartments” exterior windows for Prometheus Real Estate Group.

With great team work and excellent logistics, our team of experts wow each customer with effective quality high rise window cleaning.   And being the best industry safety experts, each customer has peace of mind knowing that site safety plans have been implemented at each job site.

Learn more about our commercial  High Rise Window Cleaning Services and our Fall Protection Division focused on safety training & education.

Can you find all the high rise window cleaning technicians in this picture?  How many do you see?
The Wyatt Window Cleaning

Eastside Market Place – Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Eastside Market Place Bellevue ChamberSeller Spotlight: GHB Window Cleaning Services

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce is Powering the Eastside with The Eastside Marketplace.   The Marketplace is in partnership with the Bellevue, Kirkland and Issaquah Chamber of Commerce and a great e-commerce solution connecting local seller’s with local buyer’s.    This season GHB Window Cleaning Inc. was selected as the ‘Seller Spotlight‘ by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce for the Eastside Marketplace.

What a  great privilege to be selected! With so many awesome local companies in the Bellevue Chamber, we were just delighted to be the Spotlight Seller!  Take a moment to read about what the Eastside Marketplace learned about GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc. …

Eastside Marketplace: What should we know about your company?

GHB Window Cleaning: GHB Window Cleaning is more than just a window cleaning company. Our services include gutter & roof cleaning, moss removal, pressure washing & graffiti removal. And we know that first impressions are lasting and when your building & home sparkle, people notice.

Eastside Marketplace: Please share a bit about your services – what sets you apart?

GHB Window Cleaning: The GHB Difference. With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on our fast, professional on time service – neat and courteous professionals with full uniforms and shoe covers. All employees have gone through background checks. Clearly the right choice you can trust for your home.

Eastside Marketplace: What keeps you inspired and moving forward in your business?

GHB Window Cleaning: We are encouraged when it rains and motivated when the sunshine is out! We know that everyday windows are losing their shine and buildings are getting dirty. Our work is never ending and maintenance will always be needed.

Eastside Marketplace: What special offers have you introduced for the Spring?

GHB Window Cleaning: Spring Cleaning Madness – $15.00 off any one service – activate the coupon here.

Eastside Marketplace:What does “buy local” mean to you and your business?

GHB Window Cleaning:“Buy Local” =  Keep the Dollars in the Pacific Northwest. Every person works hard for each penny they earn and to keep that penny in the Northwest equates to job growth, prosperity & consumer confidence. Every person deserves an opportunity to work and thrive in Seattle & Bellevue and we help give people that chance.

Eastside Marketplace: What do you like most about Spring as a small business owner?

GHB Window Cleaning: Spring Time for GHB Window Cleaning Inc. means Spring Cleaning Madness…Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing & MORE! Customers are ready to spruce up their homes & let the Sun Shine In!



BBB Member

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. is a member of The Better Business Bureau

In an effort to further solidify our commitment to our clients and potential clients throughout the Seattle Area,  GHB Window Cleaning Inc. is now a member of Better Business Bureau.   For over 100 years the BBB has been establishing marketplace trust for local business’s and national business’s through out the United States and Canada.   In 2012, it was in the top 300 most visited sites in the US, providing free business reviews and consumer peace of mind.

We know that in today’s market throughout Seattle there are so many choices for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning & ‘you name it.  But we want to distinguish ourselves from the other company’s you have to choose from in Seattle.   And we know that starting from a solid foundation of trust we can build a great relationship with each client.  Weather you need window cleaning for your  single story home or window cleaning on a 50 story building in Seattle, you can trust that GHB Window Cleaning Inc. will provide a quality service at an affordable price, every time.

GHB Window Cleaning Inc. Satisfaction GuarenteedAnd with our Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal, GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc. stands behind our product and services because we want to ensure you are happy with our services and we want to be the company you choose to maintain your property plus refer us to your friends and family.

Visit the Better Business Bureau and see why GHB Window Cleaning Services Inc. is the clearly the right choice for your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning & pressure washing needs throughout the Seattle area.

Better Business Bureau

High-Rise Window Cleaning Going Over the Top

Video of a Normal Day’s work for our window cleaning technician cleaning Windows on a Downtown Seattle High Rise Building

Learn more about our commercial window cleaning and high-rise window cleaning services!

First in quality First in safety!






Window cleaning at the Top – High Rise!  A normal day’s work for one of our Seattle window cleaning technicians.  Taking jobs to new heights in Seattle on a Sunny Day.  Click here: For more information on our Fall Protection Division